Moment of Honey

Hunaja Hetki on kahden mehiläistarhaajan Jemina Vallin ja Elisa Ahtosaaren perustama yritys mehiläispesän ja luonnon tuotteille.

Hunaja Hetken tuotteita ovat yksilölliset ja käsityönä tehdyt mehiläisvahakynttilät, Suomalaisia käsityönä tehtyjä kauniita yksilöitä. Haluamme asiakkaille vain parasta. Taataksemme tuotteiden laadun olemme myös halunneet päivittää omaa osaamistamme ja Elisa kouluttautuu tällä hetkellä luonnonvaratuottajaksi ja Jemina kouluttautuu bio - ja elintarviketekniikan insinööriksi.

We also consider the well-being of bees to be an important part. As full-time beekeepers, we have time for the bees, when the bees need it. We collect pollen, propolis and perga from beehives, but we take the bees' own needs into account and make sure that, first and foremost, the bees get the amount they need collected.

  As entrepreneurs, the support of each other and our families is a big help in taking care of bees when needed. Both Elisa and Jemina have completed a professional degree in beekeeping. In addition, training and learning new things is maintained, for example, by actively attending trainings organized by the Finnish Bee Association. Both breeders participate in e.g. to the varroa mite abortion research organized by the association, so that all beekeepers would get new treatment methods and information about the behavior of beehives. We also try to cooperate with other gardeners, because it is good to agree on treatment methods together, especially with gardeners in the same area.

Vallinmäen Farm

Jemina's family lives on the Vallinmäen farm in Jalasjärvi, Ala-Valli. The family includes two daughters and a spouse. The family lives on Jemina's family farm, where Jemina is already the tenth generation. The farm has been in the possession of the family since 1751. Now on the farm bees are raised on the stems of organic fields and in forest hives. In addition to the bees, the farm has chickens, ducks, sheep, guinea pigs and a cat.

Customers are served by the atmospheric Tilapuoti at the end of the old stone barn all year round by agreement. You can buy both gifts and housewarming gifts at the farm shop. You can also find products from other small entrepreneurs in the farm store. In addition, the farm organizes various events throughout the year. Jemina will start on the board of the bee association at the beginning of 2023, Jemina is also active in the local bee association in Southern Ostrobothnia.

Häme Highland Honey

Elisa's family lives in Järviylängö, Hämeenlinna, on the Alhaiten farm. The family includes four children and a spouse. The family lives on Miko's family farm and is the sixth generation of the farm. The farm has been granted a Wildlife Estate certificate. The desire to keep nature and habitats in order for the next generations also guides the activities on the farm.

Elisa's interest in pollinators and honey as a natural sweetener steered the operation of the farm in an even more pollinator-friendly direction. Home garden bees pollinate the fruits of the garden and vegetable garden, not forgetting wild berries. Häme Highland Honey's other apiaries are located in the lake highlands of Häme, Urjala, Tammela, Forssa, Valkeakoski, Akaaa and Iittala in Hämeenlinna.

Miko's work as a special designer at the Finnish Game Center has enabled him to put his know-how into practice as well. The farm has many wetlands, its own conservation area, the forest is renewed according to continuous cultivation and also by burning. Several forest engineering students have received close training at the farm. The fields are cultivated in an oat-grass rotation, without forgetting the game-flower and diversity lanes. Traditional biotopes are cared for by summer sheep grazing. There are also domestic hens from the farm.

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