Honey Hetken's new honey preparations - Use of honey in cooking

Honey Hetke's different-tasting honeys, i.e. honey products

What is a honey product? The honey product is better known among customers as flavored honey. However, the authority's instruction/order is to use the name honey product for flavored honeys. A honey preparation means, for example, that some other food has been added to the honey, which, among other things, adds flavor to the honey. For example, you can add honey to ginger, because people think honey and ginger are healthy and like to enjoy a honey-ginger preparation with a hot drink, such as tea. The Food Agency defines what name the combination should be called and how it should be recorded on the labels. It is also affected by what has been added to the honey. For example, we have Sea Buckthorn flavored honey, Eucalyptus flavored honey and so on.

Customers often get confused, what the heck is a honey product? So the honey preparation always comes if the honey is not 100 % honey. If you add anything to honey, it is the preparation and not the honey. This also applies to other foodstuffs. For example, have you noticed that milk or other foods say milk product? This means that it is not 100 % anymore original raw material.

Honey Hetke's flavored honeys, i.e. honey products

For us at Hunaja Hetke, it is especially important that the high quality of our honey is preserved when processing the honey. That is, we at Hunaja Hekte do not heat the honey above 40 degrees at any point, because that would kill all the good ingredients of the honey and the healthiness of the honey would suffer. However, this brings challenges, because we have to think, as a tester, and plan Hunaja Hetke's recipes carefully, so that the shelf life and quality of the honey remain in order. In particular, when making honey preparations, we have to think about what flavor combinations of honey we can make, so that we can preserve the quality of the honey at the same time.


Use of honey products

So what can the honey product be used for? Honey preparations are an excellent addition to cooking, baking, enriching different dishes and so on, only imagination is the limit. We Hunaja Hetke women use honey ourselves in almost all cooking. A small drop of honey in the macaroni box, on the vegetables, on the meat brings out other flavors and spices from the food and enriches the flavors of the food and softens the sharpness of the spices, for example. Honey should only be added to dishes at the end.

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What mistake can be made when using honey and honey products?

It is important to remember to consider what the honey or honey preparation is used for and what its purpose is. For example, in salty foods, the purpose of honey is to bring flavor and emphasize the taste of other ingredients already in the food. For example, Hunaja Hetken Chili-flavored honey preparation is very good and recommended for cooking. In this case, you are not looking for sweetness, but temperance is the key and you should not use too much honey or honey preparation. Chili-flavored honey preparation added to vegetables gives a little flavor and heat to the vegetables, and the honey emphasizes the taste of the vegetables and other spices and brings a balance between the flavors. When using honey, you should remember that, for example, in sweet pastries, that honey is very sweet, so a smaller amount is sufficient than, for example, white sugar.


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