Privacy statement

At Hunaja Hekte, we take data protection issues seriously. We take extremely good care of all the information we collect or receive from our customers. We also want to enable customers to access their own data and be forgotten.

In order to use Hunaja Hetke's services, the customer must accept the data collection and processing methods described in this privacy statement. This acceptance is verified and recorded in our systems in connection with the order (agreement), in connection with the creation/use of a customer account (consent) or in connection with another measure that requires similar data collection.

Put simply, Hunaja Hetki stores and stores three types of information: information that can be observed from the use of online services, information provided by the users themselves, and information that can be derived with the help of analytics.

We use data as follows:

  • To ensure the customer's success
  • To provide a safe and easy-to-use service
  • For the development of product recommendations and marketing
  • To improve online shopping and customer service
  • To reduce customer returns
  • To enable a circular economy system


The register keeper acts as:

Hunaja Hetki Oy
Vallinmäentie 40
61640 Ala-Valli
Social security number: 3286177-6
If necessary, you can ask our customer service for more information about data processing and data protection:

What information does Hunaja Hetki collect and store?

  1. Information provided by the user himself
    • Identification information such as name
    • Contact information, such as phone number, email address and postal address
    • Payment information, such as invoicing information and payment method information
    • Location information for service localization (currencies, delivery methods)
    • The e-mail address and certificate required for Google or Facebook login
    • Product reviews
    • Marketing communication permissions
    • Personal information provided with the customer's separate consent, such as customer survey responses
    • The customer's size information for giving size recommendations
    • Wish list products
    • Product-specific supplementary notification orders
  2. Data observed about the use of the services
    • Delivery information, such as delivery address and selected payment method
    • Purchase history, such as products ordered, returns and payments
    • Browsing and usage data of the online store
    • Terminal identification information
    • Online shopping session events, such as shopping cart additions
  3. Information derived from analytics
    • Product recommendations inferred from browsing and purchase data
    • Customer groupings and interests inferred from purchase data
    • Size information deduced from purchase information for giving size recommendations

As a rule, the source of the information is the website user/customer himself. In addition to this, we may obtain additional information from our partners, e.g. from a credit service provider for invoicing services. You can see the information you own through the customer account, and if you wish, you have the option to delete the identification information related to you.

Who can process my data?

The systems used by Hunaja Hetke can only be accessed by the owner of Hunaja Hetke, who are trained to use the data appropriately. It goes without saying that good Poles do not abuse the trust of their customers. Hunaja Hetke's customer data processing requires password authentication, and in our enterprise resource planning system, a log entry is left from data viewing and processing.

In some cases, we need to transfer information to third parties, e.g. for storage, analytics or marketing. For these purposes, we only use trusted partners with whom we have concluded comprehensive data protection and data processing agreements. The agreements have taken into account the requirements set by legislation and the EU data protection regulation. Hunaja Hetke's partners do not have permission to use the information for their own purposes or to pass it on.

Hunaja Hetki is responsible for data management
Vallinmäentie 40
61640 Ala-Valli
Social security number: 3286177-6

What is my data used for?

Personal data is used:

  • For order processing, delivery, archiving and accounting
  • For customer service
  • Honey for the development of Hetke's internal functions
  • For the development of customer experience and service
  • For statistics and operational management
  • To prevent abuse
  • To produce better and more personalized content and marketing
  • To enable the processes of the circular economy system
  • To facilitate and speed up customer returns
  • To produce size recommendations
  • For targeting relevant content

Is my information safe?

Hunaja Hetke's customer information is located in a secure data center in encrypted databases, access to which is limited. The data security of Hunaja Hetke's systems, data centers and processes are at a high level and protected against data breaches. The biggest security risk regarding your customer data is the password of your customer account. Do not give your password to outsiders and try to use as strong a password as possible.

Hunaja Hetki follows good data protection practices when processing customer data, and access to the data is controlled. The requirements of the EU data protection regulation, which will be followed from May 25, 2018, are followed in the processing of personal data.

How long is the data kept?

We keep the data for the necessary time in order to be able to implement the purposes of use mentioned in this statement. We delete the personal data of a customer account that we have determined to be inactive no later than five years after the end of activity. Some information may be stored longer if the law requires us to do so.

If the customer so wishes, his data can be anonymized, in which case all personal data will be removed by pseudonymizing them from the account and purchase history. The customer cannot be identified from an account that has been anonymized in this way, and the account in question cannot be restored as such.

The customer can implement this anonymization through his own customer account page. Hanaja Hetki, due to the backup of the databases, the complete removal of personal data requires a complete cycle of the backup cycle.

Legislation or unpaid debts may in some cases oblige Hunaja Hetki to keep part of the customer data despite the wish for anonymization.

Do I have rights?

Of course! Hanaja Hetke's responsibility is to ensure you:

  • Access the personal information about you that Hunaja Hetke has in its possession. If you wish, you will also receive a copy of these.
  • You can ask us to correct information about you
  • Under certain conditions, you can request restrictions on the processing of your data

Data storage and processing is based on your consent and you naturally have the right to withdraw your consent. This can be done by anonymizing your account: by deleting your account, you also revoke the data processing permission you gave to Hunaja Hetke. You can do this yourself from your own customer account page.

You can send correction requests or other requests or questions related to your customer information to our customer service. If you notice shortcomings in our processing or operations, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority. Please also tell us about it so that we can correct our mistake.

How can I see what information I have given about myself?

On the customer page, you will find the option to download a personal listing, which lists the information you have provided about yourself. We are constantly developing the services of the customer account page so that we can serve you better in these matters.

How can I influence my data or be forgotten?

From your customer page, you can define, correct or delete the information you provide about yourself. You can also decide whether you want to receive different marketing messages. We are trying to develop more similar features in the customer account, so that it would be as easy as possible for our customers to influence their own information. You can also delete the account by anonymizing it, in which case your personal data will be overrun from our databases.

Will my data end up with third parties?

Some necessary information is transmitted to third parties to enable the payment transaction, delivery or marketing messages. For example, to enable deliveries, your address and contact information is forwarded to the parties responsible for logistics. Online shopping transactions are transmitted to the content and marketing targeting system we use, to which only we have access. In connection with the payment transaction, your payment information goes through a trusted payment intermediary.

Only the most necessary information for the implementation of the service is sent to each party, and these service providers do not have the right to use your information for anything other than the implementation of the service. All data transfer takes place via encrypted connections.

Cookies and other tracking on Hunaja Hetke's website

Hunaja Hetke's website uses cookies and similar browser technical functions, such as browser memory. These are small files created by Hunaja Hetke's website, which enable us to collect analytics from online store users and offer a better functioning online store. Cookies are used e.g. For shopping cart functionality, user identification and registered customer login. By default, your browser's cookies are stored for one month, unless you delete them separately. You can delete cookies from your browser settings. However, remember that new cookies will be loaded into your browser when you visit our website again. Accepting cookies and their use is mandatory. You can read more about cookies here.

Cookies are also used to enable personalization of online shopping and marketing. Our website also has other tracking technologies, such as pixel tags. From browsing our pages, the following e.g. Custobar (the Finnish content and marketing targeting system we use), Google and Facebook. Through these, we can e.g. to analyze and develop the operation of our online store, target website content and target advertising content. The number of ads in e.g. your Facebook view is constant, that is, because of us, you don't have to cover any more ads than normal, you just see slightly better (=our) ads.

Hunaja Hetke has the right to change this privacy statement

We strive to constantly develop our services and offer a better customer experience to our users. With this, some services and functionalities may be added or they may change, in which case we will update this statement as necessary. Changes in legislation may also create the need to change or clarify parts of this statement.

We will inform our customers about significant changes separately.

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