The photo shows a coffee cup and a saucer, black coffee in the cup and coffee beans sprinkled in front of the cup and on the saucer. Folded jute fabric in the background.

Coffee-flavored honey preparation - Hunaja Hetki

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The coffee honey preparation is perfect to be enjoyed as it is, with hot drinks and desserts.

Honey quality

Honey In all of Hetke's honeys and honey products, quality is cherished and the honey is processed by hand, from the beehives to the jars. The honey is processed in food-approved facilities, so that we can guarantee that Hunaja Hetke's honey is pure and of high quality. In flavored honeys, we use soft kneaded honey that melts in the mouth, where the taste of honey and the taste of coffee together make the honey product a perfect combination. The honey is never heated, but is mixed before canning. This way, the crystal structure of the honey is smoothed out and the honey becomes spoonable and very soft. In this way, we guarantee that all the good ingredients of the honey are preserved and that the honey's vitamins and trace elements are not lost.Tip: Did you know that when making coffee, you should try putting a small spoonful of honey in the coffee grounds for aroma. The aromas of honey take away the bitterness of the coffee and you get a perfect coffee moment.
Product description
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Manufacturer: Hunaja Hetki Oy

Vallinmäentie 40, 61640 Ala-Valli

+358 4424 75773

Country of origin: Finland

Store at room temperature. Long-term storage in a cool and dry place.

Contains: Honey, coffee aroma

Amount: 250 g

Not for children under one year old.

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