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Lip balm


Tarhaaja lip cream's soothing calendula oil and protective beeswax make this a perfect lip cream for sensitive and dry lips. Calendula oil's skin-regenerating, nourishing and soothing properties help in the treatment of damaged and irritated lips. Beeswax protects the lips from dryness caused by temperature fluctuations in the stomach. Tarhaaja's lip balm also uses hemp oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Moisturizing, soothing and protective Tarhaaja lip cream is suitable for daily use. 
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Tarhaaja's lip cream is suitable for daily skin care for people of all ages. The lip cream contains good oils, beeswax and vitamin E. The product is specially designed for sensitive Finnish skin sensitized by the changing seasons.

Calendula oil treats, regenerates and soothes irritated and cracked skin. Excellent oil for sensitive skin.
Hemp oil is a domestic oil that nourishes and cares for sensitive skin. The oil soothes, strengthens and moisturizes the skin and prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin.
Jojoba oil's moisturizing, protective and nourishing properties are suitable for all skin types.
Beeswax is antibacterial. It binds moisture to itself, protects the skin from cold and wind, and soothes irritated skin.
Vitamin E enhances the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. Perfect for dry and chapped skin.

In general: Tarhaaja's lip cream protects and moisturizes the delicate skin of the lips. The lip cream contains high-quality oils, beeswax and vitamin E. An excellent cream for dry and chapped lips during winter frosts. Suitable for all ages for daily use.


INCI: Calendula Alendula Officinalis Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil,

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cera Alba, Tocopherol


Manufacturer: Hunaja Hetki Oy


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Lip balm

Tarhaaja lip balm, Menthol lip balm, Vanilla lip balm

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