Owl - beeswax candle

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Owl beeswax candle:

Beeswax is a renewable material that is obtained as a byproduct of honey in beekeeping. (bees are not harmed when removing the wax) Beeswax is a 100 % natural product. Beeswax candles burn slowly and beautifully with a large flame. The candles have NO fragrances added, but have a mild natural honey scent. Contains no allergens. A beeswax candle is the most ecological option for burning a candle. It is carbon-free, i.e. it produces the same amount of carbon dioxide when it burns as was committed to it during its manufacture.


Hanaja Hetke's best-selling product at the moment is a beautiful, lofty owl, which both children and adults think is one of our most beautiful animal candles. The owl, the brave bird, is so Harry Pottery fans as Hedvig the owl, colorful owls can be found in different homes according to their favorite colors. Owls in natural brown, spotted and black tones are also pleasing in many homes.
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Candle usage instructions:

-burning candles must not be left unattended

-burning candles must be kept out of the reach of children and pets

-the distance between the candles must always be at least 30 cm.

-the burning candle must be placed on a non-combustible surface and at a sufficient distance from flammable materials.

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White, Light brown, Brown, Black, Other colors

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