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The beeswax candle is a 100 % natural product that burns long and beautifully with a large flame. We make our own beeswax candles and we are happy to be able to sell Finnish customers individual beeswax candles made with love.
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We make the candles by hand in Jalasjärvi and Iittala.

Beeswax is a renewable material that is obtained as a byproduct of honey in beekeeping. (the bees are not harmed when removing the wax)


Beeswax is a 100 % natural product. The candles burn slowly and beautifully with a large flame.

The candles have NO fragrances added, but have a mild natural honey scent.

Contains no allergens.

A beeswax candle is the most ecological option for burning a candle. It is carbon-free, i.e. it produces the same amount of carbon dioxide when it burns as was committed to it during its manufacture.

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Black, Grey, Dark brown, Brown, Light brown, White, Other color

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