The sweet world of honey - Experiences of a trainee in honey production

The first steps into the world of honey at Hunaja Hetki

Honey - a sweet elixir that has enchanted people for centuries. It is not only delicious, but also healthy. But what is it like to work in a company that produces and sells honey and honey products? I got to know this world myself as an intern, and I want to share my experiences with you.

When I walked through the doors of the honey company on the first day of my internship, I couldn't help but notice the sweet smell of honey in the air. I was looking forward to learning more about honey and its products. Honey is one of the few foods that can be used in a variety of different ways. Honey can be used in baking, tea, smoothies and even cooking. Its sweet taste is perfect for, for example, breakfast cereal or yogurt. Hunaja Hetke, the company where I do my internship, has a selection of different honey products, from traditional honey, flavored honey, beeswax to candles and honey-based cosmetic products.

During my internship, I have gotten to know honey production more closely. I was surprised at how much work and care goes into making honey. Bees collect nectar from flowers, which is then processed and filtered to produce pure honey. The company has also had other tasks, such as packaging and labeling honey products. This has been nice, because I have been able to see up close how honey products end up in the hands of consumers. Each glass jar and soap must be packed carefully and beautifully. I have also been able to participate in taste testing to ensure the quality and deliciousness of the products.

Changes in sustainable development are also noticeable in honey production, where the importance of organic honey comes to the fore. Consumers prefer environmentally friendly choices and organic honey without harmful chemicals attracts eco-conscious consumers. Hunaja Hetki has already adopted the principle of sustainable production seriously, is transitioning to fully organic production, which indicates a commitment to environmentally responsible honey production.

During my internship, I have also noticed how popular honey products are among customers. People appreciate natural and healthy options, and honey provides just that.

The versatile forms of honey and their charm

Honeys, candles made from beeswax and creams intended for the skin are only the tip of the iceberg of honey's versatility. While talking with the production team, I have learned that the versatility of honey provides the company with a competitive advantage in the market. They have developed several new products and flavor combinations that attracted different customer groups.

Honey products are popular both among those who take care of their health naturally and among gourmets. Honey is known for its health effects, such as antibacterial properties and

of antioxidants. Many people use honey to relieve the symptoms of a cold or a sore throat. Honey products, such as honey soaps and creams, treat the skin naturally and effectively.

So honey is not only a sweet delicacy, but also a valued health and beauty product. If you are interested in the world of honey and the possibilities it offers, I recommend getting to know honey products more closely and trying them yourself. Honey can bring joy and well-being to your everyday life!

The fruits of training: Learning about entrepreneurship

First of all, I have learned to appreciate the hard work and tenacity of the company's owners. They have built the company from the ground up, and their enthusiasm and knowledge of honey has rekindled my interest in natural products. Although I expected to learn about honey product manufacturing and entrepreneurship, my internship has already taught me much more. I understood how important it is to be creative and innovative in order to stand out from the competition in the honey products market. In addition, I have learned that customer service and marketing are key factors in a successful business.

While working with the team, I have gained first-hand experience of how they maintain and grow their customer base. They invest heavily in customer feedback and use it to continuously improve their product range. In addition, they invest heavily in marketing and presence on social media, which further increases their visibility and attracts new customers.

This internship has not only opened me up to the diversity of the world of honey, but also enlightened me on the basic principles of entrepreneurship. I am grateful for the experience I have gained and look forward to future opportunities to apply the skills and principles I have learned in my own future.


Hunaja Hetke intern, Raisa