Thank you 2023 and welcome 2024

Thanks and gratitude are the top words from 2023, and enthusiasm and new challenges await in 2024!

Gratitude first of all towards customers, but also towards our team, interns, other entrepreneurs and subcontractors. Above all, we should be grateful to Hunaja Hetke for taking the risk and starting to try and develop a joint company. That trust, peer support, coping in extreme conditions and understanding others is something to be extremely grateful for. Hunaja Hetki is a company of two women, and the power and enthusiasm you get when you get to talk with another entrepreneur and there is another who understands what entrepreneurship is, is flexible and is ready to invest 100 % in a joint venture is insane. Because when two women invest 100 %, it's 200 % and it has helped us to create a great company from scratch, whose operations we can develop and thanks to which we can bring wonderful products and foodstuffs to the market for our contemporaries. Even though we are two entrepreneurs, we also have families, friends who have been supportive and helped whenever we have needed help, thank you for that <3

Entrepreneurship and cooperation

December was a busy time for us when both entrepreneurs were missing at different Christmas markets for a month and once again we came to the conclusion that we are both at our best when we work together. This is a bit amusing and incomprehensible, because we have known each other for less than 5 years and have only become friends along with entrepreneurship. Many people comment on our appearance and say if we are sisters, relatives and so on, but the truth is that we have met through entrepreneurship/beekeeping. However, it's great when we've also grown as entrepreneurs together, when you can hear your own voice in another's speech, or when you often start a sentence about the same thing at the same time, or when you know without any gesture or speech what the other is thinking. This is the reason why our cooperation works so well and we are at our best when we work together when each of us can take a booth and help out if needed without discussing anything about it. In addition, it's been fun to get to know each other more during these years and it's funny to listen to how much we've done the same things earlier in life or how our values meet in places other than entrepreneurship. The strength of doing and trying together is also the difference where one is good at something, the other can be good at another thing, and thus everyone can focus on the best part of entrepreneurship.

In addition, the support of another helps to develop the company's operations and to see the company's operations with outside eyes. This has woken up the entrepreneurs of Hunaja Hetke and we have set out to develop the direction of our company even more with quality first. Our honey will be completely organic by 2025, now 2/3 of it is organic. In addition, we study and develop our own expertise in food production. Jemina is studying Bio and food engineering at Seamki and Elisa is studying Natural Resource Producer at Kajaani.

One fact about Hunaja Hetke's entrepreneurs

What unites us Hunaja Hetke entrepreneurs in one word? LAUGHTER! No matter where we are, we often hear that this duo is here when the laughter can be heard far away.

With these words, the women of Hunaja Hetke wish everyone a very Merry Christmas 2023 and a Happy New Year 2024!

Thanking you for 2023, the women of Hunaja Hetke, Elisa and Jemina


Ps We will publish the events of 2024 in good time during the spring, in addition we will invest in our website and in the future we will actively tell you about our activities and share recipes and information about our company's activities and products. In addition, we will publish more information about us as entrepreneurs, what our company's operations include, and let our customers get to know our operations better. Stay tuned and follow us also on Instagram honey moment, Facebook Hunaja Hetki and TikTok honey moment