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What is Hunja Hetki? Hunaja Hetki is a company created by two female beekeepers for beehive products. For honey, flavored honeys, pollen and other natural products. Our products are made with love, choosing delicate raw materials. Why honey? We are interested in the well-being of nature and it is of primary importance to us that our work is important and beneficial to nature. We want our products to have the best possible raw materials and we spend a lot of time learning new things so that we can produce bad possible products available to customers. Finland's clean nature and plants produce high-quality honey, and we use our expertise to process the honey into the form that suits our customers. By the way, did you know that Hunaja Hetki also sells honeycomb honey that has not been processed in any way? We tour and hike in nature, looking for suitable shelters for beehives. Most of our apiaries are located next to organic fields, and the Hämeenlinna office has been awarded the Wildlife Estates certificate, which guarantees that the farm is committed to nurturing the diversity of nature. At the shelter sites, we check for sufficient vegetation and the best conditions for bees. We also collect berries, mushrooms and other natural products and develop new products from them. We want to eat nature's own harvest and offer it to our customers as well.

Hunaja Hetke has two offices, so the bees are also in two different areas. Our locations are in Jalasjärvi and Hämeenlinna. This way we are able to get our customers honey from different regions. The biggest plant sources of our honey are raspberry, lingonberry, dandelion, clover and willow. Willow honey comes from such early summer that its bees eat almost everything, but the nectar of other flowers tastes good in our honey. By knowing the sources of different honey, you can also determine from which flowers it was collected from your honey. Dandelion honey is large-crystalline, yellowish and hard honey that tastes a little like licorice, while lingonberry honey is brownish, sweet, and stays runny for longer. Hormahunaja only rarely comes. In 2023, horma honey became available in South Ostrobothnia on July 26 for one day. It's translucent, really runny and tastes delicious. This also shows how important it is to know nature and vegetation, because this way we can get high-quality honey and our bees are doing well.


Domestic honey

It is especially important for us to produce high-quality domestic honey available to all Finns. It is not enough to produce domestic honey in the pure nature of Finland, but how the honey is handled is also important. Honey should not be heated above 40 degrees at any stage of processing, so that the honey's delicate and high-quality trace elements, enzymes and vitamins do not disappear from the honey. We keep our own bees, we process our own honey, so we can guarantee the quality of the honey at every stage. We are proud that we can be a part of producing high-quality domestic raw material for Finns' plates and cooking. In Finland, only 5 percent are professional gardeners. Honey At the moment, we are both professional gardeners by training, and in addition to bees, it is important to us that we can also be professionals in food production. That's why we study at the best time. Jemina is studying to become an engineer in Bio- and food technology, at Seams, and Elisa is studying to be a natural resource producer. Elisa is a field guide by previous training, so we are very familiar with nature and moving around in nature.

How can you know that you are choosing domestic honey?

It is important to read the honey jar label and look where and who produced the honey? Unfortunately, in this field too, you come across domestic companies that advertise themselves as a Finnish family business, but import honey from abroad. This is especially important because at this time HONEY IS THE THIRD FALSE FOOD IN THE WORLD! At Hunaja Hetke, we are especially saddened by the fact that this is possible, but by being aware of it and getting to know the labels on the jars ourselves, we can make a better choice!

Hunaja Hetke's website and social media

You can learn more about our honeys in our online store: in addition, you can find us on various social media channels under the name Hunaja Hetki. We also sell our products across Finland at various fairs and events. We are in Finland, for example, at Christmas at Finland's largest Christmas markets, Helsinki's Tuomaa Christmas Market and Tampere's Christmas Market. In addition, there is a Tilapuoti at both locations, and in the summer we organize various events where you can get to know the bees safely.


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