Photo of Hunaja Hetke's one-kilo honey jar taken in a summer landscape. Also in the picture are some flowers

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Honey Hetke kilo honey is high-quality crystallized, unheated honey. Suitable for e.g. for sweetening drinks and desserts, baking and food preparation.

Honey quality

Honey In all of Hetke's honey, quality is cherished and the honey is processed by hand, from the beehives to the jars. The honey is processed in food-approved facilities, so that we can guarantee that Hunaja Hetke's honey is pure and of high quality. The honey is canned in liquid form and allowed to crystallize into hinocrystal in the jar. The honey is never heated or processed, so that all the good ingredients of the honey are preserved and the vitamins and trace elements in the honey are not lost. A kilo honey jar is an excellent choice more if you use more honey. Packed in a bucket, the honey is easy to handle and thanks to the large mouth opening, the honey is easy to dose.
Product description
Additional information

Manufacturer: Hunaja Hetki Oy Vallinmäentie 40, 61640 Ala-Valli +358442475773

Country of origin: Finland

Store at room temperature. Long-term storage in a cool and dry place.

Contains: Honey

Quantity: 1 kg

Not for children under one year old.


You can read more about Hunaja Hetke's values and quality criteria on Hunaja Hetke's blog, website.

Additional information

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